• All participants must be 20 years or older on the day of the race for the any of the 100 Capital Classic Events
  • No participant need leave venue during the course of their event.
  • Neither postal orders nor post-dated cheques will be accepted.
  • Monies are not refundable for non-participation in the event for whatever reason.
  • Entries may not be exchanged.
  • Entries will be limited to a collective maximum of ……..
    Friday marathon, 32km and 6 hr 150
    12hr, 24hr, 100km and 100 Mile 100
    48 hr and 6 days 50
    Midweek Marathon, 32k and 6 hour 50
    Longest Night 12 hour 50
    Night Sprints 50
  • Results can be viewed at our race website www.100cc.co.za
  • Prizes or medals will only be given for the race/s you enter.
  • All participants must wear their race number on front of the vest, crop top or T-shirt or, in the case of 48 hour and six days, your shorts. The timing chip must be worn on the lace of the LEFT shoe. Do NOT bend or fold the chip.
  • Our environment is precious and anyone found littering will be disqualified.
  • These events are run under the auspices of KZNA, ASA, the IAAF and IAU
  • A refreshment table will be provided, however stand & hand personal seconding is encouraged.
  • The prize giving for the 100 Miles and 24 Hours events will take place at 11H00 on Sunday 18th September 2016.
  • The prize giving for the 6 days event will take place at 11H30 on Saturday 24th September 2016.
  • Medals for all other events will be handed out on completion of each event.
  • There will be NO monetary prizes for ANY of the events.
  • In all timed events entered, you will be classified as a finisher for purposes of being recorded in the results (100km challengers) when you have completed the first lap. However, you will only qualify for the relevant medal once you have completed at least the minimum “medal” distance specified.
  • If entering the Friday or Midweek Marathon¸ you will require your split time to be recorded, by prior request, at the 42.195km mark and continue to finish that lap (ie: 43km) to be officially recorded in the results for purposes of Comrades Marathon and/or Two Oceans Marathon qualification.
  • If entering concurrent events (ie: 48 hour and 6 days or 24 hour and 100 miles or 12 hours and 100km) you may only claim the distance covered, once, in the 1000km challenge.
  • The following events may be entered concurrently
    • 48 hour and 6 days
    • 24 hours, 100km and/or 100 mile
    • 12Hours and 100km
  • You will only be deemed a finisher in the100km and/or 100 mile events if you entered that event and once you have passed the required distance of that event within the required time limit for that event. (ie: 100km in 12 hours or 100 Miles in 24 hours)
  • All entrants must collect their race number & timing chip from the registration tables at the Registration Venue which will open two (2) hours before the relevant events’ published start times and close five minutes the published start time
  • ALL entrants and their seconds will be required to attend a race briefing, for each entered event, which will commence one (1) hour before the published start time of that event.
  • You may send a stamped self-addressed envelope with your entry for confirmation of our receipt of your entry, or check our website, www.100cc.co.za. Allow at least 14 days for the processing of postal entries.
  • Entries will only be confirmed once receipt of payment has been confirmed and/or cheques cleared.
  • Participants who have not completed their entered event by the cut off time will be called off and must leave the course and will not receive a finisher’s medal. However, in the timed events, distance completed in full laps up to that cut off time, will be recorded.
  • Participants who may be achieving a record in their event may, on application, be measured at their actual point of distance at the cut off time. All other distances will be recorded on completed laps at the cut off time.
  • All marshals, security officers, race officials, SA Police & SANDF members & traffic officials MUST be obeyed. Your safety is paramount to us.
  • Entries may be taken at the registration for each event only if the capacity for that event has not yet been reached.
  • Cut-off date for all online, faxed, e-mailed or hand delivered entries will be NO LATER THAN 17H30 on Monday 5th SEPTEMBER 2016 or when the relevant cap (limit) for that event has been reached.
  • All foreign athletes must comply with the IAAF rule 4, paragraph 2 & rule 142.
  • All athletes not registered with their national federation will be required to purchase a temporary licence at a cost of R30. This licence will only be applicable to the 100 Capital Classic basket of events.
  • Event medical services will be the official emergency medical service providers. Once removed to a medical facility, any further medical care or hospitalisation will be for the account of the patient concerned.
  • Whilst every effort will be taken to ensure the safety and security of the event, participants and supporters are reminded that they take part at their own risk and the organisers, sponsors, municipality nor SANDF will be liable for any injury, loss or damage to person or property, before, during or as a result of participation in or support of any of these events.